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Award project Design and Construction of Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

Project Background

Surface water falling within the northern catchments of Hong Kong Island is intercepted by a series of existing drainage pipes and culverts running through the urban area that ultimately discharge at several locations into Victoria Harbour. The existing system is overloaded and flooding and hazardous overland water flows can occur in extreme conditions.

The proposed tunnel starts from a tunnel portal close to the site of the Haw Par Mansion in Tai Hang and follows a sinuous route beneath urban areas in Jardines Lookout and Mid Levels. A discharge portal at the west end of Hong Kong Island at Pokfulam, north of the Cyberport site is proposed. The tunnel is designed to convey the intercepted flood flows for a 200-year storm event occurring across the complete catchment. The internal diameter of the initial section of the tunnel, before the Aberdeen Vehicular Tunnel, is 6.25m, while the remaining tunnel section has an internal diameter of 7.25m. Thirty five intake locations have been identified within the project areas that are suitable for intercepting flood flows. The intakes structures are interconnected with the main tunnel by connecting adits which are 2.3m in diameter.
scope of the project comprises the construction of a drainage tunnel deep into the ground in Mid-levels of the Northern Hong Kong Island from Tai Hang to Pokfulam to intercept and convey the stormwater from the upper catchment directly to the sea near Cyberport.

After completion of the works, rainwater above Mid-levels will be intercepted by the drainage tunnel and hence the capacity of the existing stormwater drainage system will be improved. Together with the lower catchment works to be implemented, a reasonable flood protection level can be achieved.

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