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Our Mission

Cinotech are committed to providing quality and dedicated environmental services to meet clients’ needs and aspiration. Our mission is “Serving for Clients’ Satisfaction”

To achieve this mission, Cinotech has set the following principles and guidelines for the long-term operation of the companies in the Group:


On Servicing Our Clients
●   We shall assist our clients to comply with requirements and regulations.
●   We shall solve our clients’ problems and add value to their operation.
●   We shall serve our clients to their maximum satisfaction.

On Company Management
●   We shall strive for technical excellence.
●   We shall project our image as a quality and problem-solving company.
●   We shall pursue high-end services and activities.
●   We shall innovate, create and advance.

On Project Management
●   We shall maintain a compact management structure for effective communication between team members.
●   We shall share resources, data, information, ideas with each other and other project teams.

On Personnel Management
●   We shall provide a good working environment for employees to perform, excel and exploit their potential.
●   We shall provide fair opportunities for employees to advance their professional career.
●   We shall offer a financial package in line with the financial performance of the company.
●   We shall provide job security for employees who are talented, dedicated and wish to develop their life-long career in and with the company.
●   We shall make employees proud to be a member of the company.
●   We shall advise employees to leave the company as soon as they are proved to be unfit or incapable for the job.

On Financial Management
●   We shall strive for a fair return of profit on our services; however, we shall also be flexible in a short-term loss for a long-term gain.
●   We shall be prudent and conservative.

On Professional Ethics
●   We shall uphold a high professional standard and avoid trade-off quality for profit or other short-term gains.
●   We shall be honest to ourselves, to the company and to the society.
●   We shall honour our promise, and possess a sense of responsibility.
●   We shall avoid doing anything which is harmful to our colleagues, the company and the society.
●   We shall protect the environment and conserve the Nature.

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