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Under Sections 69-80 of the Air Pollution Ordinance (Cap 311), the owners of premises which contain or may reasonably be suspected of containing asbestos containing material are required under the Ordinance to engage a registered asbestos consultant to carry out an investigation before he carries out any intended asbestos abatement works or work which involves the use or handling of any asbestos containing material. Failure to comply with this is an offence. CINOTECH has extensive experience in carrying asbestos investigation and supervision f asbestos abatement works. Our services include:

●   Asbestos investigation
●   Supervision of asbestos abatement works

Key Projects

Demolition Work at NKIL 6309, Wong Tai Sin Police Married Quartes, 3 Chun Yan St, Wong Tai Sin, Kln

Prior to demolition of the Police Married Quarters at Wong Tai Sin, CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to carry out a full investigation of the asbestos containing materials in the building and to submit an Asbestos Investigation Report (AIR) and an Asbestos Abatement Plan (AAP) and thereafter to supervise the asbestos abatement works according to the approved AAP. The AIR stage took 2 months to complete and the abatement works took four months to complete.

Asbestos Investigation and Abatement at King Shan Court

King Shan Court is a Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) court in Diamond Hill, near Fu Shan Estate. It has six blocks built in 1982 and is the earliest HOS court built in Diamond Hill. In 2003, the building management, after consulting the residents, commissioned CINOTECH to carry out an Asbestos Investigation because of the need to replace a sewage pipe which was very close to an asbestos insulated hot water pipe. After a pilot survey of a few typical dwelling units, we proposed an innovative method to remove the asbestos insulation using a pre-fabricated containment (as shown in the figure above), allowing the friable asbestos insulated material to be removed by a worker operating outside the containment and in such a way the abatement works were done in a matter of minutes instead of days and the dwelling units to be reverted back to the premises owners/occupiers in half a day. This innovative method was subsequently adopted in another similar estate, Wang Fuk Court, in Tai Po.

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