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Under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (Cap 499) of Hong Kong Law, an Environmental Permit is required for the construction and operation of a designated project as defined in the ordinance. In order to obtain a permit, an environmental impact assessment report which provides details of the likely environmental impacts and environmental benefits of the project must be placed in the Register. CINOTECH has extensive experience in conducting environmental impact assessment for project proponents under the said Ordinance.  In addition, CINOTECH provides impact assessment services for non-designated projects to meet the planning or other statutory requirements. Our services include:
  ●  Environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
  ●  Preliminary Environmental Review and Environmental Review for non-statutory submissions
  ●  Planning application under Town Planning Ordinance
  ●  Noise impact assessment
  ●  Air quality impact assessment
  ●  Water quality assessment
  ●  Ecological impact assessment
  ●  Waste management study
Key Projects
Agreement No. CE 1/2002 (HY):  Trunk Road T4, Sha Tin – InvestigationThis project was to construct and operate Trunk Road T4 in order to relieve the traffic in Shatin centre.CINOTECH was commissioned by ARUP to carry out an EIA study in 2004 and the report was approved under the EIAO in May 2005. As detailed design progressed, we carried out an environmental review in order to update the findings of the report in view of the changes in the design and he traffic conditions.


Tonggu Channel of Shenzhen Port
TT截图未命010.jpg The project was one of the major cross-border infrastructure projects to provide a channel between Shenzhen ports and South China Sea.  CINOTECH was commissioned by Shenzhen Port Tonggu Channel Developing Office to carry out an environmental impact assessment in 2004 which involved assessment of impact on water quality, sediment quality, Chinese White Dolphin, marine ecology and fisheries due to the project. Close liaison was made between the Shenzhen Port Development Office and the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
Low-level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility at Siu A Chau
TT截图未命名0140101.jpg The project comprises mainly the design, construction and operation of the Low-level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility at Siu A Chau which is designed for the storage of used radioactive materials/waste from various industrial, educational and medical facilities in Hong Kong. This was a Designated Project of Class G under Schedule 2 of the EIAO.  CINOTECH was commissioned by ATAL to prepare an Environmental Impact and Safety Assessment (EISA) Report and conducted the non-radiological monitoring the facility during the construction and operation of the facility.
Redevelopment of Haitan Street, Pei Ho Street and Kweilin Street
TT截图未命8194.jpg This project was to develop a building scheme that would satisfy the planning conditions imposed by the Town Planning Board.  CINOTECH assisted the Project Architect to design the buildings layout and the building envelops to comply with the HKPSG for road traffic noise due to West Kowloon Expressway and Haitan Street at 80% of the dwelling units in the development. We also performed drainage impact assessment for the redevelopment site.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Atrium Link Extension

TT截图未命0100104040.jpg This project was part of the expansion of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and includes the design and construction of a multi-story Atrium Link Extension between Phases I and II of centre which will enlarge the existing exhibition halls 1, 2 and 3 together with the attendant service areas.  CINOTECH conducted environmental assessment based on the revised layout of the Atrium Link Extension of HKCEC to facilitate the application of Environmental Permit variation.
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