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Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring & audit is an integral part of the Environmental Impact Assessment Process under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance, Cap 499 in Hong Kong. This is necessary to ensure that the mitigation measures as recommended in the EIA reports are effective and adequate during the construction stage, or otherwise, whether additional measures are required.  CINOTECH is a leading consultant in environmental monitoring and audit and has participated in the EM&A programmes, serving as Environmental Team, for most of the infrastructure projects in Hong Kong. Our services include:
  ●  Baseline monitoring of air, noise and water quality
  ●  Impact monitoring of air, noise and water quality
  ●  Site audit and complaint investigation
  ●  Performance audit
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Key Projects

Odour, Sediment and Water Quality Monitoring Works for Improvement Works at Kai Tak Approach Channel (KTAC) and Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter (KTTS)

CINOTECH was commissioned by the Hong Kong Government to carry out odour, sediment and water quality monitoring for the improvement works at KTAC and KTTS. We carried out an extensive monitoring programme for odour, sediment and water quality at a prescribed frequency for 15 months during the improvement works at the approach channle and the typhoon shelter. The water samples were analyzed by our sister company, Wellab Limited.



Pipelaying from Cheng Tou Jiao to Lamma Pwer Station
Our client was contracted to install a 20” diameter Gas Submarine Pipeline from Guangdong Liquefied Natural Gas (GD LNG) Terminal located at Cheng Tou Jiao Shenzhen PRC To Lamma Power Station Gas Receiving Station to increase electricity demand to cope with the social and economical growth of Hongkong SAR. CINOTECH was commissioned to carry out an extensive baseline and impact water quality monitoring as the pipelaying progressed.  The work involved monitoring the salinity, turbidity, DO and suspended solids at three depths at strategic locations along the entire 19 km pipeline.



Impact Dust Monitoring at Tin Wan Concrete Batching Plant
TT截图未0002447命名.jpg CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to carry out regular impact dust monitoring in order to ascertain that the dust emissions from the construction of its concrete batching plant at Tin Wan, Aberdeen were within the standard. The work involved setting up two High Volume Samplers, one for measuring TSP and one for RSP at the prescribed locations, including two within the site and two at the nearby dwelling locations.
Environmental Audit and Review on Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures in alleviating Water Quality Impact from projects in Lantau, Sia Kung and Tsing Yi
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As part of the continual review of the performance of the proposed mitigation measues at the EIA stage, Environmental Protetion Department commissioned CINOTECH to audit and review the performance of various mitigation measures which were installed to alleviate the potential water quality impact for six designated projects in Lantau, Sai Kung and Tsing Yi, including “Drainage Improvement Works in Sai Kung”, “Proposed Extension of Public Golf Course in Kau Sia Chau” and “Improvement to Tung Chung Road between Lung Cheng Tau and Cheung Sha”.  We checked and reviewed independently the effectiveness of the mitigation measues on the water quality due to surface/site run-off and reported the findings to the client.








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