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Green Building Assessment
As a metropolitan city and a major financial centre in Asia, Hong Kong has only a few energy intensive industries. About sixty percentage of the greenhouse gases is emitted from power generation while sixteen percentage comes from transportation. However, about 90% of the electricity generated is consumed in buildings, this making energy efficiency in buildings strategically a priority in the overall saving of energy and greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong. CINOTECH provides technical assessment to assist clients in developing green buildings. Our services include:
●  Hong Kong BEAM Assessment
●  Air Ventilation Assessment
●  Indoor Air Quality Assessment
●  Noise and Acoustic Assessment
●  Daylighting & Overshadowing Assessment
●  Building Energy Assessment
●  Environmental Monitoring and Audit during construction and initial operation phases
Key Projects

Redevelopment of Macpherson Indoor Stadium at 10 Yim Po Fong Street, Mongkok, Kowloon


The Macpherson Indoor Stadium in Mongkok, Kowloon was redeveloped in 2010 for comprehensive residential and sports uses with a 25-storey tower block on top of a 5-storey podium with a sports stadium, youth centre and basement parking underneath.

CINOTECH undertook environmental consultancy services for HK-BEAM accreditation of the project aiming to achieve a rating of “platinum” in the environmental performance as assessed under the guidelines set out in the HK-BEAM for New Building Developments (Version 4/04). Our services included providing all necessary technical assessments and advice, preparing all necessary submission documents and technical specifications from demolition, construction to completion of the project. Besides, we prepared environmental performance proposal for green building design, air ventilation assessment (AVA), daylighting assessment, traffic noise and railway noise impact assessment, and indoor air quality assessment for the proposed redevelopment. For the environmental monitoring and audit, we were the independent environmental checker to assess the environmental monitoring and audit plan, waste management plan, environmental audit report and provide technical specification for the environmental protection measures
Redevelopment of Haitan Street, Pei Ho Street and Kweilin Street at Shamshuipo, Kowloon
TT截pfg图未命名poio.jpg This project was part of the urban redevelopment by Urabn Renewal Authority in Shamshuipo. The client was required to develop a building scheme that would satisfy the planning conditions imposed by the Town Planning Board. As part of the development scheme, the client commissioned CINOTECH to carry out an Air Ventilation Assessment using Fluent model to confirm that the preferred development scheme was better than the notional scheme in terms of the velocity ratios at the periphery of the site and beyond.

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