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Land Contamination
Spillage, leakage or disposal of toxic chemicals to the ground from industrial or commercial activities contributes to soil and groundwater contamination. Major industrial or commercial activities that may potentially cause land and groundwater contamination include boatyards, petrol filling stations, vehicle repair/maintenance or dismantling workshops, metal or mechanical workshops, oil installations, etc.  Local authorities have set remediation goals for soil and groundwater for various land uses. Before a site is redeveloped or returned to the Government, it is necessary to assess the level of contamination by collecting soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis. CINOTECH has extensive experience in land contamination assessment and contamination works supervision. Our Services include:
●  Site investigation & due diligence audit
●  Land contamination assessment
●  Soil sampling and laboratory testing
●  Supervision of soil remediation works
●  Bench-scale and pilot testing



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Key Projects

Land Contamination Assessment for a Petrol Filling Station at Sam Mun Tsai

TT截图w未ee命ert名jhry.jpg The client was required under the lease conditions to clean up the site before handing it back to the Government. We prepared a Contamination Assessment Plan and submitted it to EPD for endorsement.  Based on the endorsed CAP, we carried out a contamination site investigation and prepared a Contamination Assessment Report on the findings.  Afterward, we prepared a Remediation Action Plan for the recommend remedial action.
Land Contamination Assessment for a Paper Mill at Yuen Long Industrial Centre
The client was required to surrender the site at Yuen Long Industrial Estate at 37-53 Wang Lok Street, Yuen Long to the Industrial Park Management Corporation upon expiry of the lease. CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to carry out a comprehensive site assessment, followed by a land contamination assessment. We sampled and tested the soil at 10 locations and confirmed that the contamination level of the soil and groundwater complied with the RBRG set out by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.
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