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Permit Application
Under the environmental laws of Hong Kong, project proponents or contractors who intend to proceed with some works or activities are required to obtain a valid permit from the Authority. Failure to do this is an offence. CINOTECH has extensive experience in the application for permits and the carrying out of necessary assessment in support of the application. Our services cover a diverse range of applications as below:
●  Environmental permit and variation of permits under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
●  Construction noise permit under Noise Control Ordinance
●  Specific process permit under Specified Processes Regulation
●  Effluent discharge permit under Water Pollution Control Ordinance
●  DASO permit under Dumping At Sea Ordinance
●  Dumping permit under the Waste Disposal Ordinance
●  Change of land use under Section 16 of the Town Planning Ordinance
Key Projects

Variation of Environmental Permit Condition for Atrium Link Extension

TT截图未命名85gh4j5ghj.jpg CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to vary an EP condition which otherwise would restrict or make technically impossible the construction of marine pipes to support a platform for the construction of the Atrium Link Extension. The work involved lobbying the users of seawater cooling along the Wanchai North shore for their support of the variation and proposing mitigation measures to prevent soiling of the seawater intake during the marine piling. The variation was subsequently approved.
Construction Noise Permit Application for Canossa Hospital
Our client intended to carry out works in the restricted hours. CINOTECH was commissioned to apply for a Construction Noise permit under the Noise Control Ordinance. The work involved measuring the noise from the powered mechanical equipment and the background noise in the restricted hours and designing a partial noise enclosure to contain the noise from the equipment and submitting the information to the Authority for approval.
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Application for SP License for operation of Concrete Batching Plant at Tin Wan
TT截图未etyks命名gfdhs.jpg Our client was contracted to operate a concrete batching plant at Tin Wan, Aberdeen. CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to apply for a SP license under the Specified Processes Regulation in order to permit the client to operate the plant. The work involved carrying out an air quality assessment and preparing an application for submission to the Authority for approval. The application was subsequently approved.
Section 16 Application at Ho Chung for Permission to use as Film Studio
TT截图fgh未命名jkrt.jpg Our client intended to convert its site at Ho Chung for use as a film studio. CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to apply to the Town Planning Board for permission to use the site under Section 16 of the Town Planning Ordinance. We submitted a planning application with supporting information on traffic, drainage, protection of water gathering ground, and landscape and this was subsequently appr
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