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Sediment Quality Assessment
Under the Dumping at Sea Ordinance (DASO) of Hong Kong, a valid permit must be acquired before a contractor can proceed with the disposal of dredged/excavated sediment. The Technical Circular (Works) No. 34/2002 of the Hong Kong Government sets out the criteria for the sampling and testing of the sediment for the application of the dumping permits. CINOTECH has extensive experience in sediment quality assessment and the associated sampling and laboratory testing. Our services include:
●  Sediment quality assessment
●  Sediment sampling and laboratory testing
●  Consultancy in in-situ and ex-situ sediment treatment
●  Bench-scale and pilot testing
Key Projects

Harbour Area Treatment Scheme – 2A Operation Phase Sediment Quality Monitoring and Benthic Survey

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CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to conduct sediment quality monitoring and benthic survey at two locations during the initial phase of the operation of Advance Disinfection Facilities (ADF) at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works.  This was to ascertain the impacts of the ADF on sediment quality and benthic fauna during its operation phase. The chemical testing was subsequently analyzed by our sister company Wellab Limited for a wide range of chemical pollutants, including CBP’s, COC’s, percentage of sand/silt/clay, pH, Acid Volatile sulfides, total volatile solids and total organic carbon.
Sediment Quality Assessment at Container Terminal 9 (Berths 17, 18, and 19)
TT截b图dg未s命ws名hrhw.jpg Our client required maintenance dredging of Container Terminal 9 (South) for Berths, 17, 18 and 19 and part of 20, and after ward disposal of the dredged sediment.  In response to client request, CINOTECH carried out sediment sampling at 9 locations, covering 900 x 900 sq.m. of the berthing area and afterwards analyzed the samples for the parameters as stipuledt in the Technical Circular. The results were submitted to the Authority in suport of our application for a DASO permit.
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