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Survey & Surveillance
An essential component of an environmental management or conservation plan is to collect environmental or ecological data for analysis in order to allow an informed decision or opinion to be made. CINOTECH has extensive experience and man-power resources in handling large scale surveys and surveillances for clients. Our services include:
●  Tree survey
●  Ecological survey
●  Air quality survey
●  Water quality survey
●  Noise survey
●  Asbestos survey
●  High-level surveillance by helicopters
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Key Projects

Bat Survey at 仁敦岡書室, Ping Shan

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In order to establish a conservation plan for仁敦岡書室 at Ping Shan, which has been declared a historical building, Antiquities and Monument Office (AMO) commissioned CINOTECH to carry out a bat survey of the old building. The survey was done in two days and two evenings.  Bats were found foraging around the house in the evening; in addition, stains of bat urine were found on the underside of the roof structure.
Improvement to Fan Kam Road -Tree Survey
TT截图gdf未命fdheuytk名.jpg As part of the feasibility study for the proposed upgrading of 7.5 km of Fan Kam Road between Po Kin Road and Kam Tin Road, we carried out an extensive survey of the trees along the road kerb of the road sections. The survey included identifying the tree species, estimating the diameter, crown, and height of the trees, and assessing the health conditions of the trees. All trees surveyed were tagged. The survey took four months to complete; a total of some 5,000 trees were surveyed.
Lam Tsuen Sewerage – Ecological Survey
Lam Tsuen Valley is an ecologically sensitive area. As part of the Environmental Review for the proposed sewerage project at Lam Tsuen Valley, CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to carry out an extensive ecological survey. We surveyed Lam Tsuen River, which is one of the most ecologically sensitive rivers in Hong Kong and identified the flora and fauna in the river. In addition, we carried out a terrestrial ecological survey of the greenbelts and SSSI in the neighborhood of the project site. The results were summarized in a habitat map
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