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Wastewater Treatment
According to the Water Pollution Control Ordinance, all discharges, either directly or indirectly, into the coastal or inland waters must be treated to meet the Effluent Discharge Standards stipulated in the ordinance. Failure to comply is an offence under the ordinance.CINOTECH has extensive experience in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Our services include:
●  Wastewater sampling and analysis
●  Design of sewage treatment plant
●  Design of industrial wastewater treatment plant
●  Design of grey water recycling system
●  Bench-scale and pilot testing
Key Projects

Bench-scale Test for 3-stage Biological Nitrogen Removal Process for Sia Kung Sewage Treatment Plant
TT截fg图未命dgfd名g.jpg As part of the upgrading of the Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Plant, Phase II,CINOTECH was commissioned by the client to carry out a bench-scale test for a 3-stage Biological Nitrogen Removal process. We fabricated and ran a pilot plant and analyzed the influent and effluent quality for various raw sewage feed rates, RAS rates, and MLSS in the aeration tank in order to optimize the conditions.
Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant for Holiday Camp of Po Leung Kuk at Pak Tam Chung
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Po Leung Kuk intended to upgrade the sewage treatment facility at its holiday camp at Pak Tam Chung. CINOTECH was commissioned to design the plant. We investigated various options for treating the wastewater and recommended using a Membrane Bioreactor system to treat 330 cu.m. per day of wastewater. Subsequently, we prepared the tender document and tender drawing, recommended the Contractor and supervised the design, construction and commissioning of the system.
A Study on the Effectiveness and Impacts of Dry Weather Flow Interceptors in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long for Pollution Control
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As part of Hong Kong Government’s effort to upgrade or improve the dry weather flow interceptors in Hong Kong, the Drainage Services Department commissioned CINOTECH to investigate the effectiveness and impacts of two different designs of dry weather flow interceptors, one at Tai Kiu, Yuen Long and another at Tsing Chuen Wan, Tuen Mun. We sampled for the water quality at the inlet and the discharge of the interceptors during the first flush periods and analyzed the test results together with the corresponding rainfall data and recommended design and operational changes to the interceptors.



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