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Biotreatment System
CINOTECH has in-depth knowledge in the use of proprietary bio-products in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment. One of the proprietary products we use is AquaClean.

AquaClean is a line of biological products specially formulated and produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. (http://www.microbelift.com/) in the USA and has been in use since 1976. The core product, called ACF-32, is a unique consortium of bio-cultures that contains highly effective microorganisms that are non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable non-pathogenic product authorized by the USDA for the treatment of Industrial and Municipal wastewater treatment, Agricultural Farms and Food Processing Facilities, Aquaculture Systems (fish and shrimp farms), Ponds & Gardens, Domestic Septic Systems & House Cleaners, Pet & Aquariums Applications, as well as Commercial Grease Traps. Typical applications include in the use for the reduction of organic contaminants (BOD5, COD and TSS), reduction of odors from H2S and other sulfur compounds, control of algae, reduction of nitrogen compounds, and restoration of the natural balance of ponds, lakes and rivers. The beneficial effects include:
●  Enhances overall biological degradation performance
●  Reduces shock kills, and provides stable operation
●  Provides rapid up-set recovery
●  Improves settling in final clarifier
●  Provides reductions in final effluent BOD, COD, and SS
●  Reduces and controls system odor
●  Provides reduction in sludge production

For more information, please contact our technical staff.

AquaClean Brochure
AquaClean/DGTT Brochure – Liquid Grease Trap and Line Treatment
AquaClean/SA Brochure – Sludge Away

Hog Farm Case Study
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Lake Remediation in Uruguay
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