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Cooling Tower & Boiler Water
CINOTECH has considerable expertise in treating cooling tower water and boiler feed water using proprietary chemicals imported from Fremont Industries Inc. in the USA.
The problems with cooling water systems are mainly:
●  Corrosion arising from the interaction of the water and the metals in the system, causing premature failure of the metals and the deposit of  corrosion products in the fins which in turn reduces both the heat transfer and flow rates;
●  Scale formation arising from the precipitation of compounds e.g. calcium carbonate that becomes insoluble at higher temperatures and this  turn reduces both the heat transfer and flow rates;
●  Microbiological activity arising from the growth of algae, bacteria  and fungi in the water, causing unsightly algae mats, slime in the  condensate tubes, formation of wood rot. Apart from reducing  the efficiency of the system, the growth and spreading out of  Legionella neumophila from the cooling tower system is a  concern because of the Legionnaires’ disease which can be fatal  to the older age people.
●  Fouling arising from the settling out of the suspended solids, the  build up of corrosion products and the growth of microbial  masses and this again reduces the heat transfer.
We supply a wide variety of proprietary chemicals in dry powder or liquid form to solve the specific problems of the cooling tower system, whether it is corrosion, scaling, microbial growth, fouling or a combination of these factors.

Municipal water, even of good quality for domestic use, is seldom good enough for boiler feed water. The problems with boiler feed water are mainly:

●  Scale formation on the boiler tubes due to the precipitation of the contaminants such as calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium silicate, various forms of iron oxide, and alumina which become insoluble at high temperatures, causing a significant reduction of heat transfer  and hence increase the cost of heating as shown int the chart below.
●  Corrosion due to the attack of the steel by oxygen in the ater, which is accelerated by high temperature and low pH.
These problems can be controlled or resolved by:
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●  External treatment, where makeup water, condensate or both is treated before it enters the boiler;
●  Internal treatment, where boiler feed water, boiler water, stream or condensate is treated
●  Blowdown, where a portion of the water in the boiler is bled off regularly.
We supply proprietary chemicals for various specific treatments including:
●  High hardness feed water treatments (Total hardness > 50 mg/L)
●  Low hardness feed water treatments (Total hardness < 50 mg/L)
●  Softened feed water treatments (Total hardness < 5 mg/L)
●  Oxygen scavenging treatments
●  Boiler steam line treatments
For more details about the treatment programmes required, please consult our specialists.

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