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Remote Monitoring System
CINOTECH employs proprietary and is the sole distributor of a wide range of systems from Unidata (http://www.unidata.com.au) for remote and in-situ environmental monitoring, weather monitoring and industrial measurement.
These systems include:
●  Water Level Monitoring System using a Digital Water Level Recorder, model 8007WDP or a Hydrostatic  Water Depth and temperature Probe, model 6542, for monitoring or measuring the water depths in various  environments.
●  Flow Monitoring System using Unidatas’s Starflow Ultrasoninc Doppler Flowmeter, model 6526, as shown in the figure below, for measuring the velocity and depth of water in drainage channels, large pipes and in rivers and streams.
●  Weather Monitoring System for monitoring wind speed & direction, temperature, global solar radiation, humidity and rain, with built-in datalogger for storing data up to one year using its internal battery.
●  Evaporation Monitoring System for evaporation rate and rainfall, with an optional 512k micrologger for recording the data over time.
●  Soil Moisture Monitoring System for measuring and recording of soil moisture in agricultural water management applications.
For remote monitoring, we employ a Neon Remote System (NRT), as shown in the figure below, which contains a datalogger with a built-in Pull/Push Telemetry system that allows field data to be transmitted through a local Mobile Phone/Cellular Phone Network using GPRS/GSM/3G services.  The users can simply download the data in the office without visiting the site regularly.

For further details, please refer to the Unidata Product Catalogue for Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Measurement.

Unidata “Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Measurement – Product Catalogue”

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