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Air Pollution Control Engineering
Emissions of air contaminants in the form of gases or particulates into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuel or industrial processes contribute to air pollution which has become a major global problem, especially in the Pearl River Delta Region. Local authorities have stipulated emission standards for major air contaminants including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, particulates, odour, etc. CINOTECH provides clients with practical technologies and expertise in treating waste gases or particulates at source.  Our services include:

●  Design, build and supply of wet scrubbers, charcoal filters, particle filters, or electrostatic precipitators for various applications
●  Technical support on air pollution control equipment

Key Projects

Odour Treatment at平湖垃圾焚燒廠

TTg截图dsgklhsfdajkg未命名.jpg CINOTECH was commissioned by平湖垃圾焚燒廠 which is located at Shenzhen, PRC to treat and control the odour emitting from its leachate treatment plant as part of the upgrading program of the waste incineration plant in 2010. We designed, fabricated and installed four wet scrubbers to remove the smell from the influent well, UASB tank, aeration tank and MBR tank of the leachate treatment plant. The installation was subsequently accepted by the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Bureau as complying with the GB odour standards in China. The project took four weeks to design and fabricate and three weeks for on-site installation and commissioning testing.
Air Pollution Control at 深圳富恒塑料颜料有限公司
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深圳富恒塑料颜料有限公司manufactures a variety of plastic products in an old factory in Shenzhen. Because of inadequate pollution control in the factory, choking fumes filled up the factory space, causing severe indoor air pollution and health hazards to the workers. CINOTECH was commissioned by the company to control the fumes from production lines in its new factory. We designed, fabricated and installed an industrial ventilation system, which included hoods and ductwork with carbon filters and dust collectors at the end of the ductwork to remove the fume and dust before discharging into the atmosphere. The indoor air was much improved after the pollution control equipment in operation.
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