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Contaminated Land
Soil remediation is required if a site is contaminated from previous use before it is redeveloped or returned to the Government. Local authorities have set remediation goals for soil and groundwater for various land uses and these must be complied with for Government land.  CINOTECH provide clients with practical technologies and expertise in cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater to meet the required goals. Our services include:

●  Site investigation and assessment
●  Soil washing
●  Bio-piling of oil-contaminated soil
●  Solidification of metal-contaminated soil
●  Bioremediation using proprietary bio-products
●  Pump & treatment of contaminated groundwater
●  Soil vapor extraction & air sparging

Key Projects

Soil and Groundwater Remediation at San Po Kong, Kowloon

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A site located at San Po Kong, Kowloon was contaminated with lubricated oil due to its previous use as a car repair/maintenance workshop. CINOTECH was commissioned by the developer of the site to clean up the soil and the ground water to the remediation goals set by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. We set up a pump-and-treat system to skim off the floatable portion and then remove the soluble portion in the groundwater using an activated carbon filter. The contaminated soil was cleaned up using a biopile with a proprietary bio-product injecting into the pile for bioremediation of the waste oil. The remediation works took about 3 months to complete.
Soil Remediation for Residential Site at La Chi Kok
A residential site at Lai Chi Kok was contaminated with waste fuel oil from the previous use of the site as a fuel oil depot.CINOTECH was commissioned by a property owner to clean up the site for residential development. We injected AquaClean into the soil through over 300 perforated steel pipes to biodegrade the oil and the groundwater. After, we overlaid the site with a non-permeable geosynthetic liner to prevent any possible soil gases from emitting from the ground as a precautionary measure. The works took 6 months to complete and the residual hydrocarbon concentrations complied with the RBRG requirements by the Hong Kong Government.
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