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Noise Pollution Control
Noise is ubiquitous in Hong Kong and similar cities in the world due to the presence of many noise sources such as road traffic, rail traffic and fixed noise sources in buildings e.g. pumps, fans, chillers, compressors, cooling towers, etc. and this affects the quality of life in a modern city. These noise problems can be controlled in a cost-effective way if adequate noise planning is considered at the design stage. Retrofitting of the problems may be difficult and costly. CINOTECH has extensive experience and expertise in planning and retrofitting noise problems. Our services include:

●Measurement of air and structural borne noise and vibration level
●Design and installation of intake and exhaust silencers
●Design and specification of noise barriers
●Design and installation of vibration isolators
●Technical support on noise control equipment

Key Projects:

Noise control at Bar/Restaurant in Central

En.jpg Residents of a commercial/residential building in Central, Hong Kong was complaining about the noise and nuisance arising from the operation of a bar/restaurant on the 1/F of the same building. The owner of the bar/restaurant commissioned CINOTECH to review and assess the effectiveness of the existing noise control measures, including the double-glazed windows, pipe insulation, vibration isolators, etc. and proposed new measures to control the noise from the doorways.
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