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Drainage Channels
Stinky canals are ubiquitous in South China, creating severe environmental nuisance and health risk to the nearby residents and furthermore a bad image to the city. Some drainage channels in Hong Kong are also smelly. These canals or channels were intended to serve in the old days as waterways or nowadays as drainage channels, but have now been used indiscriminately as public sewers for untreated sewage or wastewater.  CINOTECH has extensive experience and expertise in revitalizing and rehabilitating these canals and channels by re-diverting the pollution sources and restoring the oxygen level of the bottom sediment. Our services include:

●  Diversion of the pollution sources
●  Biodegradation of the bottom sediment
●  In-situ treatment of the polluted water

Key Projects

Rehabilitation of Yuen Long Nullah

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In view of the odour nuisance arising from the discharge of untreated wastewater from a nearby pig farms and raw sewage in upper stretches of the Yuen Long Nullah, the Client commissioned CINOTECH to carry out a pilot treatment at two separate sub-channels, i.e. Tin Tsuen Channel and
San Hui Channel, each of approx. 600m long,aiming at rehabilitating the main channel downstream of these sub-channels. We recreated a few retention ponds in the test sub-channels by installing sand bags at a few sections of the sub-channels and inoculating the ponds with our bio-product, AquaClean. The treatment lasted for 3 months and by the end of the treatment, the water quality in the Main Channel was much improved.
Remediation of Stinky Canal at佛山禪城鎮, PRC
TT截t图t未tk命名jyuik.jpg CINOTECH in collaboration with its sister company in China carried out a 3–month trial treatment of the stinky canal at 佛山禪城鎮 at the invitation of the city government. We installed bio-medium at intervals of 30m along a 300m long test section of the canal and inoculated AquaClean into the canal to biodegrade the high organic matters in the water and the bottom sediment. By the end of the treatment, the water quality was much improved.
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