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Solid Waste Management
Municipal solid waste has presented a huge technical and social problem to Local Authorities because of the lack of landfill space to accommodate the waste and the general misunderstanding about the health effects of dioxin emitted from modern incinerators in a highly congested city like Hong Kong. Waste recycling is an effective way to reduce the waste generation and waste treatment by composting or anaerobic digestion is another way to reduce organic waste, such as kitchen waste. CINOTECH assists clients to reduce waste generation through Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and end-of-pipe treatment to meet the company objective in waste. Our services include:

●  Development and implementation of waste reduction policy
●  Design and installation of waste composting system
●  Technical support on material separation and waste cycling
●  Technical support on anaerobic digestion

Key projects

Composting Trial at Ngau Tam Mei, N.T.

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As part of a study commissioned by the Hong Kong Government to upgrade the Sha Ling Composting Plant for livestock waste, CINOTECH carried out a composting trial of pig manure at Ngau Tam Mei in order to determine the design parameters for the proposed composting plant. The trial was completed in 3 months.
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