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Water Treatment
Water is a valuable resource that demands careful attention to its use and disposal. Industrial use of water is often affected by the characteristics of and contaminants in the water and hence water treatment is often required before it can be used in cooling towers or boilers. On the other hand, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage must be treated before it can be discharged into the public water bodies without violating the local effluent discharge standards. CINOTECH has extensive experience and expertise in treating water for industrial use and wastewater for disposal. Our services include:

●  Treatment of water for use in cooling towers and boilers by proprietary chemicals;
●  Treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater by proprietary bio-products
●  Recycling of process water by proprietary micro-filtration membranes
●  Supply of water treatment chemicals, biological products, equipment and its accessories and after-sales technical support

Key projects:

Design, Fabrication and Installation of Micro-filtration System for Bean Curd Products Factory in Kam Tin

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A bean curd products factory in Kam Tin, New Territories was discharging partially treated wastewater into Kam Tin River because of insufficient settlement of the suspended solids in the water. CINOTECH was commissioned to design, fabricate and install a micro-filtration system, CSL/MF120 to remove the suspended particles and BOD from the partially treated wastewater before discharging into the surface drain.
Supply of Micro-filtration System for Construction Site Run-off Treatment at Tung Chung
TT截t56图未5命名jyh.jpg A construction site for the Tung Chung Road Improvement Works was discharging untreated surface run-off due to insufficient settlement of the silt at the site during the wet season. CINOTECH was requested to supply a micro-filtration system, CSL/MF120 to the site to remove the silt from the surface run-off before it is discharged.
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